Some of our Favorites

Happy products in happy packaging!   

One of our favorite pieces recently sold. We were going to keep it, but...

A little beeswax tealight makes this Uruguayan Black Amethyst Geode sparkle like the night sky.

Some of our gift wrapping... Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon with one of our many Moons

A Uruguayan​ Rose Quartz Sphere

A Green and Pink Amethyst Geode strung with tiny lights

One of our Essential Oil Blends, The Baby Cosimo with a double-terminated Clear Quartz wand filled with rainbows!

The size of a quarter, these little Black Amethyst Heart-Shaped Geodes sell out quickly!

The Lightsaber! A truly unique piece of Clear Optical Calcite

Polished Ametrine points from Uruguay

A sparkly, naturally heart-shaped druzy filled geode

Our Australian Tree Frog waiting​ for a photoshoot

An eight-inch​ tall Rose Quartz Obelisk

A Citrine Rosette from Brazil

A sparkly little Geode Heart!

The Lightsaber appears again!

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