A peek into what makes us tick, along with some behind the scenes of happenings in our Studio and everyday life. Crystals, Essential Oil Blends, Children, Animals, Music, and Love.  

A pillow-like polished Rose Quartz Heart, bigger than my hand 💜

There is never a time when music is not playing in the background. Music IS Love ❤️ 🎶

Two mini Labradorite Hearts ready for shipping to their new home

Swarovski Crystal Stars & Moons leftover after a photoshoot

A favorite Black Amethyst Geode strung with mini lights... Now sold, regretting letting this piece go. The new owner loves it ~ that makes us happy 😊

A tiny Clear Quartz Crystal Magic Crystal Ball ~ filled with rainbows, mojo and the unknown 💫

An Amethyst Cathedral with a tiny beeswax candle.

"The Misery" ~ a special find during a trip to Oxfordshire, England 🇬🇧

Clear as glass... Rainbow filled double-terminated Clear Quartz points 🌈

My 1200 pound American Quarter Horse, Lauro, with a mysterious Infinity Sign on his snip which can be seen through the rainbow-y sunrays 🌞 🌈 🐴

A Rainbow Titanium Amethyst Geode Cluster

Some personal mojo and a love for ABC Home in NYC ❤️

A little light makes this polished Agate slice shine

The same Blackbirds in the same tree every morning at dawn. Blackbird singing in the dead of night... and into the morning 🎶 🐞

Bolivian Amethyst loaded with Good Mojo!

Stuck in the usual NYC Metro Area traffic, I notice a heart ❤️ amongst the timber soon to be a log cabin.

A sea of Aura Quartz Points

A view from my daughter's front stoop on the Upper West Side, with the Dakota on the same block. Dogs and The Beatles 🐞 🐶 💕

Jim Morrison and I have something in common ❤️ 🎶

A Selenite Sphere sitting on a window ledge. Is that the Moon 🌝 ?

Our dog, WillowTree... no caption needed ❤️

Some of our packaging.

A 40 year old Robin makes another surpise apperance

My daughter's puppy, Tucker Patrick, makes a surprise appearance in our Studio. He's welcome anytime! ❤️

A view of the eclipse from our Studio window 🌝

A Medicine Bag from a trip to Utah when I was 15 years old. Purchased from a 90-year-old Native American man who was handmaking them on the side of a desolate road. He was an amazing man and 30 years later, it is still always with me.

A very rainbow-y Citrine Point 🌈

Little things like a beaded necklace that Robert Plant wore makes my day 😊 🎶

An amazing Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Citrine Pine ~ Rare and just amazing

A tiny Clear Quartz double-terminated Point & an Apophyllite Pyramid from my personal collection 😍 in one of my favorite pouches by Tracey Tanner

Robin hiding in an Agate Druzy Heart 💜

A collection of mini Aura Quartz Points and Clusters

Antique Cobalt Blue Glass was the inspiration behind our Essential Oil Blended products

A Citrine Point standing tall and proud

A mini Rainbow Titanium Heart on one of our home grown White Sage bundles ❤️

A Pyrite Heart ready for gift giving

NeilYoung ~ One of our Austrailian Tree Frogs checking out the Citrine Bonsai Tree Inventory

Selenite Towers hollowed out to make room for a light kit. Nightlight Mojo 🌝

A dark and rainbow-y Citrine Point 🌈

Rainbow Moonstone is amazing in any form

Huge Shiva Lingams ~ amazing how no two are every alike!

A Smoky Citrine Point waits to be packaged for it's new home

A tiny beeswax candle makes this Black Amethyst Geode sparkle like the night sky 💫

A Rainbow Titanium Amethyst Point standing tall and proud!

Pyrite Sundials ~ Mined in Illinois, just the way you see them in this photo

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