Crystals ~ Cathedrals

Cathedrals are created from geodes which have been prepared in some fashion, including cut and polishing. Smaller pieces can be left with untouched thus the backside of the crystal is the outer casing of the stone in which is was mined. Larger geodes are put in diamond saws and cut in half lengthwise to produce two more or less matching “cathedrals”. Others, especially those with very thick skins or rinds are cut perpendicularly to their long axis into “rings”.

The cut surfaces are sanded down, polished (the large geodes are sanded by hand held sanding and polishing machines (similar to a device used to wax and polish cars). Larger Cathedrals are 100% real gemstone; however, the back, sides and front edges are treated with cement or concrete for a more finished look. This addition of the man-made material helps to create not only a larger more desirable piece but also ensures the integrity of the large crystal. Once the cement-like material is applied and dries, it is polished smooth and painted; usually with a black colored paint like material.