Black Amethyst Geode 382g
Black Amethyst Geode 382g
Black Amethyst Geode 382g
Black Amethyst Geode 382g
Black Amethyst Geode 382g

Black Amethyst Geode 382g

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You are viewing one of the rarest types of Amethyst in the World… Black Amethyst. This piece is a little work of art right from the Earth. Multidimensional, with the clusters of small spirit quartz formations. Covered in sparkly druzy, this is another fantastic piece, and as always, my favorite part is adding a little candle in front to watch the diamond-like druzy shine and dazzle.

Weight: 13.5 ounces/382g
Width: 3 inches
Height: 3.75 inches
Depth: 2.25 inches
Origin: Uruguay


The Mojo: Black Amethyst

Highly sought after and Mined in Uruguay, South America, Black Amethyst is considered to be both the highest quality and most desirable of all Amethyst available on the market today. The dark (black) color comes from the inclusion of Hematite within the commonly seen purple color of Amethyst together, with an outer layer of consistent sparkly calcitic druzy quartz is what gives Black Amethyst the appearance of a beautifully clear starry night.

From a spiritual standpoint, Black Amethyst is known to be the King of Healers, especially for Migraine Sufferers. Similar to Auralite-23 and Super Seven Amethyst, Black Amethyst aligns the Seven Chakras from Crown to Root. It is thought to boost one’s intuition, provide stress relief by encouraging a peaceful mindset, as well as helping to maintain mindfulness and focus during meditation. Meditating with Black Amethyst is becoming one within ourselves where we can let go of our fears, guilt, and shame. With that, we then can move forward by developing and enhancing compassion towards people, animals and all things that surround us.

Black Amethyst is associated with Crown and Third Eye Chakras.


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